Chipola Family Ministries

Godly Christian Counseling

Chipola Christian Counseling Center is operated under the authority and supervision of the Chipola Baptist Association and the board of directors of Chipola family ministries. Beth Griffin, LMHC, provides biblical counseling for individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing crisis in such areas as marriage and relationships, parenting, communication, divorce, grief, self-esteem issues, sexual trauma, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, anger issues, and many more. All clients receive the gospel message and are challenged to examine themselves spiritually to determine their standing before Christ. As stated in the disclosure of services, it says, “this counseling service exists for the glory of God, and clients can expect to receive counsel that is biblically based and will include the use of Scripture and prayer. We acknowledge the power of God as the only true power to change lives and heal individuals and families, and our prayer is that God will bring strength and healing to you in whatever situations you face. For further information such as appointments and fees please call 850-573-1422.

Family Ministries

The churches of the Chipola Baptist Association, as well as other denominations and individuals, give their financial support, time, and donations to make Chipola Family Ministries a success. Family Ministries distributes thousands of pounds of food to over 30,000 people in a year. Chipola Family Ministries operates a thrift store for the benefit of those who are in need. There one can buy gently used clothing and household items at a workable price. The revenue received from the thrift store is used to purchase food, pay for hotels, utilities and other day to day operating expenses. The thrift store is operated totally by volunteers who, when their time is added together, give over 5000 volunteer hours to accomplish this huge task. Michael Hilliard is the director of the Chipola family ministries. Michael, or someone who can help you, can be reached at 850-482-6407.